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Uncover the Formula to High-ticket Dropshipping in the UK

Discover how to create a highly profitable, long-term UK high-ticket dropshipping business WITHOUT using Facebook Ads, AliExpress, Amazon or eBay.

Even if you are starting with zero online or ecommerce knowledge or experience!

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What Other Training Programmes Don't Tell You...

Starting an online business can be difficult, especially if you don't know where to start. You'll have to overcome many challenges before you can start making money, and it can be even harder if you dont know how to find the right products to sell too.

Other courses will tell you to start your business selling cheap trending products from China using websites like AliExpress or Oberlo. But trust me when I tell you that this is just a big waste of time, money and effort. Chasing trends, with cheap low-quality products and long delivery times for low profits isn't the right way to start your online business.

What if I told you there was a better way, a way that doesn't have all those hassles and headaches? A way that many of the leading websites such as Wayfair and John Lewis use?

In my free Masterclass, I'll reveal:

  • How To Tap Into a NEW Business Model that builds a brand and doesn’t create unhappy customers.
  • My 3 Key Principles for explosive growth and profits.
  • The ONE Simple Thing I changed that totally changed my business profits.
  • My Step-by-step Formula to launch your own successful eCommerce business in the U.K

NOTE: This Masterclass Is NOT for Everyone...

Not everyone can create a profitable online dropshipping business. Your results are not guaranteed. People that don't work hard or give up easily, get ZERO results. This masterclass is only for those that are hard-working, realise that success does not come easy, and are willing to put in the work when problems arise. This masterclass will, however, give you insight into what is required to build a successful online dropshipping business here in the UK.

Simon Vernon

Founder - Drop Ship FormulaTM

Hosted by:

Simon Vernon

With over 20 years of experience in the online business world, Simon has created an empire built on a high-ticket dropshipping model. He is the founder of the eCommerce training programme Drop Ship FormulaTM which has helped hundreds of aspiring entrepreneurs rapidly scale their businesses to over six and seven figures.

For the past 8 years, Simon has been doing just that: teaching individuals how to become entrepreneurs through his training programmes and motivating them into action through personal 1-on-1 coaching sessions so that they can achieve their goals of financial freedom.

“If you spend more time on what matters and less time on everything else, you can work fewer hours and achieve fantastic results that are consistent and predictable across your entire business" - Simon Vernon

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I've Helped Others Building Online Empires, Will You Be Next?

Just a Normal Guy Making Windows and Doors

"This has been a rollercoaster of wins and failures that I've learned so much from. I've now acquired so many new skills that have helped me to succeed in my business."

"I would have never dreamed I would be hitting these goals a few years ago, especially as I have no background in sales and marketing, I was just a normal guy making windows and doors in a factory."

Personal best £76,997.55 in a month
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Entrepreneur and Business Coach

I Took The Plunge & Never Looked Back

"The course is absolutely perfect if you have never done this sort of thing before, it teaches you how to build a site, find suppliers, and build a business around dropshipping and more importantly for me, it taught me how to use Google ads effectively."

"I am now doing this as my full-time source of income and I feel that this course has truly changed my life."

Grew his business to £500,000 in 1 year
£1Million Club Member


Entrepreneur and Marketing Wizard

I Persevered Where Most People Give Up And It Has Paid Off

"It's been my dream to not have to rely on anybody else for my income and to be self-sufficient. I can finally live my life how I like and it's the most rewarding feeling."

"The journey has had its ups and downs like every journey but to risk sounding banal, I persevered where most people give up and it has paid off. No doubt it will continue to have ups and downs but I'm a lot more tolerant of them now."

Personal best £71,000 in a month
£500k Club Member



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As a thank you for attending the free Masterclass, you'll get a free download link to my exclusive list of profitable product ideas.

It can be tough to figure out what products will be profitable, and you don't want to waste time and money on products that won't sell.

I know your time is valuable. So, I've researched for you and found products that are in high demand and low competition. This free gift is simply our way of thanking you for taking the time to join us.

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It doesn't matter if you're entirely new to dropshipping, if you've tried and failed to profitably run a dropshipping store before or if you feel like dropshipping won't work for you.

If you want to know the best way to start an online business, then this Masterclass is for you.

Here’s what you will miss otherwise:

  • How to start a successful and scale a dropshipping business, even with zero sales and marketing experience.
  • The secret blueprint to a profitable advertising strategy that doesn't rely on Facebook ads.
  • Why Facebook ads are dead and the marketing strategies that work.
  • The #1 advertising rule that no one talks about and how you can use it to drive consistent revenue.
  • The top mistakes aspiring entrepreneurs make and how you can avoid them.
  • A simple framework for explosive growth in UK high-ticket dropshipping.

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One Formula. Infinite Results

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What Kind Of Drop Shipping Do You Focus On?

High ticket (high price), high-quality product dropshipping sourced from premium local UK suppliers.

No cheap products from China only making a few pounds per sale. High-ticket products range from ÂŁ300 and over.

How do I know if this strategy is right for me?

We designed this programme so that anyone with zero experience or skills can follow the step-by-step lessons and modules and get a business up and running in around 6-8 weeks, plus have all the tools and skills you need to take it forward.

It's also for you if you already have the experience of starting your own online business but you've hit a brick wall and need to take things to the next level.

I already have a drop shipping store, what can this do for me?

We have very unique advanced methods of market research, advertising and on-boarding suppliers which can be implemented in your current store. We've helped many store owners scale their businesses and push through their roadblocks.

Is all of the content available straight away?

Yes, you have access to everything the moment you come on board and you can work through it at your own pace.

How long does it take to get my store up and running?

If you really pushed you could be up and running within 3-4 weeks, on average people are up and running in around 6-8 weeks.

Can I do this with a full-time job?

Yes, our course is designed to fit into your busy schedule (even with a full-time job). Once you join you’ll have lifetime access to the programme including future updates.

How long do I have to complete the course?

You can take as long as you like there is no time limit to complete the course. We don't put a time limit on you either, you have lifetime access to the programme.

How much time and effort do I need to invest?

This is not a get-rich-quick scheme, building a successful online business takes time, dedication and hard work. Your results will depend on how you implement what we teach you and how you overcome the challenges you may face. If this sounds like you. Then you’ll likely do well in the programme.

How Is Your Programme Different To Any Others?

We use tried and tested strategies backed up with real results. No screenshots, just highly detailed content that covers everything from someone who has actually run a dropshipping business would know to include.

The vast majority of content online is from the USA which has different tax laws, customer habits and shipping times, etc. Our programme covers everything from a UK point of view.

Our step-by-step videos are amazing but there will always be questions that are left unanswered. All members of our programme get VIP access to our private Members-only Vault and bi-weekly live strategy calls with Simon. We also offer comprehensive coaching packages with the choice of four certified coaches.

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