About Simon Vernon From Drop Ship Formula

About Simon Vernon

With over 20 years of experience in the online business world, Simon has created an empire built on a high-ticket dropshipping model. He is now providing his knowledge and coaching to others as they strive for their own success by building successful UK based ecommerce businesses with this very same lucrative practice.

For 8 consecutive years, he's been doing just that: teaching individuals how to become entrepreneurs through training courses and motivating them into action through personal 1-on-1 coaching sessions so that they can achieve their goals of financial freedom.


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I Hated School & Left With Low Grades

As you can imagine, leaving school with only one grade C meant I was destined for a job that used my hands and not my brain! I ended up in a local warehouse working 12 hour days picking & packing plastic products. I hated it!

Around 2000 I purchased my first computer, got hooked up to the internet via dial-up and became fascinated by the fact I could make money online.

So as a hobby I did just that, building forums, blogs, Adsense networks. I made enough money to pay off my monthly car loan, the rest I put behind the bar! 🍺

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Quit My Job To Travel South East Asia

When I finally realised the squidgy stuff between my ears had more potential than just being pickled in alcohol every weekend I broadened my mind by travelling.

So much so I decided to quit my full-time job with a plan to travel the world, I only managed to get as far as South East Asia.

I landed in Chiang Mai Thailand and for the next 6 years that city became my home. I just needed to find out how to make more passive income!

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Made My First Dropshipping Sale In A Bar In Thailand

After a few weeks researching I decided that dropshipping was the best business model to make a more passive income online. But not just any kind of dropshipping, high-ticket (high price products) dropshipping made the most sense.

I enrolled in Anton Kraly's Drop Ship Lifestyle but quickly realised that it was created for the USA and didn't cater to how we do things here in the UK.

But after overcoming a lot of hurdles, making many mistakes and having to figure things out on my own I eventually made it work in the UK.

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Started Coaching & Teaching High-ticket Dropshipping

As a result of my success I became a Drop Ship Lifestyle certified coach and coached many of their students including nearly all the members from the UK.

But, I quickly realised that coaching a person 30 minutes once a week was just not an effective use of anyones time.

I needed to get my message out to a bigger audience and deliver it on a larger scale.

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Developed a Formula For Success

After many ups and down, many failures and a huge amount of wasted money trying and testing methods. I developed my own formula for successful high-ticket dropshipping in the UK.

I started with a small group of people and gave them my blueprint, it worked for them too. So I knew, if it worked for others and not only me, it was time to show others my formula.

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Created The High Ticket Drop Ship Formula Programme

An so began the journey of creating my own high-ticket dropshipping programme for the UK. I had a formula that I'd tested with a few people and it worked.

Drop Ship Formula was born.

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