Abdullahi's Review of Drop Ship Formula by Simon Vernon



Hello everyone, Abdullhi here from The Drop Ship Formula Program. First of all, I just want to start off and clarify that what Simon does in his course is that he shows you that Dropshipping isn't just a quick way to make money online. It's how you can build a long-term business because a lot of people just think it's just a quick way, Dropshipping is just a quick way to make money online when it's more so that you're building a long-term digital asset on the Drop Ship Formula Program. For me what leads to a lot of success online isn't just the course I feel as though the course is just 50%. So the other half of the success that people get from the program in my opinion is the support you get from the Facebook group, the Facebook group is at over 400 members now. It's really good for it you have any questions, it's not a place where people just come to show off their success, they post their results purely their results to motivate and inspire. I think people posting their successes in the group is really what motivates other people that might be struggling on some topics. All in all, in each module Simon builds your confidence in launching the business. In each module, the Niche selection, your demo site how you can actually source real suppliers how you can build long term relationships with these suppliers how you can actually develop your site, and then from there do some conversion optimization. Also how you can actually run Google ads to your site, setting up everything, the tracking. All the little things as well Simon packages it all nicely the templates, the coding to put in your store everything. There are even bonus modules for the legal side of things, setting up a limited company, everything. So, all in all, there's so much value in this course and that's why I put money down for it. It's not just me spending money it's an investment and I feel as though Simon has done a really good job and from the results, I've seen so far I'm very satisfied. Obviously, I strive to achieve more and more in the coming months but all in all, I feel as though Simon has given the UK something no one else has provided really and truly. A way to build a long-term high converting sustainable digital asset in the UK and that's not something you can find everywhere. So if you're someone who's interested in building a long term business model, please please please join, consider this as an option as you generally won't regret it.

Drop Ship Formula is the only training programme of its kind that not only shows you exactly how to create and market your high-ticket dropshipping business here in the UK, but how to get it and your niche products in front of buyer ready customers from day one.

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