Harry's Review of Drop Ship Formula by Simon Vernon


Hi, my name is Harry Hooker I've been a member of Drop Ship Formula Training Course for about 6 months now. When I was first starting out I spent a long time looking at building the business for myself with no help really, I was trying to watch youtube videos I was trying to understand how it all worked how to find suppliers how everything ties together and I really was quite reluctant to pay for a training course. essentially I spent 2-3 months doing nothing going round in circles and really kind of not going anywhere until I eventually kind of got to a point where I decided it was the right thing to find a training course that worked for me to learn from someone who has done it before and has had success from it. I watched a few I found that you know there are loads of people who do this type of training. but for me, I wasn't confident in any of them nothing really clicked with me until I found the Drop Ship Formula training. I honestly can't tell you what it was about the Drop Ship Formula training but it did definitely make sense for me to do. So I bit the bullet and signed up, it took a little while for me to start doing it but once I did I really haven't looked back. For me I wanted to build a business to pay me a salary to support to work for myself and the Drop Ship Formula is there throughout every step. You know there are videos about absolutely everything that you'd want to do, to the point that I've now got my business to a reasonably successful point and I've still not even completed the training, entirely. But really if anything is not there in the training you know anything you're not sure on you've also got the Facebook group where you ask other members who are a community of people who are doing the exact same thing as you and will of faced the different challenge. You know you might be able to help them but certainly when you're having a problem, or you're not sure about something then they're there to help you as well. So I've got myself to the point now where the business is doing really well, its growing month on month, it's starting to be really quite profitable and pay me a decent salary which is great news as it's exactly what I wanted to go in for and I have big ambitions to continue to grow the business. So yeah that kind of my story couldn't recommend Drop Ship Formula highly enough. Hopefully, you'll get a chance, you know if you're questioning it, it is definitely worth biting the bullet and taking the risk as it will pay off, and yeah hope to see you soon on the Drop Ship Formula training group.

Drop Ship Formula is the only training programme of its kind that not only shows you exactly how to create and market your high-ticket dropshipping business here in the UK, but how to get it and your niche products in front of buyer ready customers from day one.

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