Branko's Review of Drop Ship Formula by Simon Vernon


Hi, my name is Branko and I'm a 47-year-old South African from Johannesburg. We were first introduced to drop-shipping back in 2016. Yes, so Andrea and I, Andrea is my girlfriend started doing a lot of research on how to make money online. It is now 2019. So, we’re in year three now, and we have experienced, actually fabulous growth year on year. What made us want to join Drop Ship Formula was back in the day, when we had initially signed up with DSL, Simon was one of our coaches. And we were so impressed with the value that he gave us through the coaching, that we actually signed up to his Facebook group and kept in contact, and then eventually saw that he launched his own dropshipping course. So, we were quite intrigued, looked into it and we’re absolutely sold on the fact that he had a very dedicated UK market focus. The dropship formula course is a very well thought out course, the modules are very well set out, very detailed, very layman-friendly, and so it takes you basically, from the very beginning.

Even if your mother mothers, you're going to get lots of value out of it is just such a wealth of content in the course. And yea, we were very grateful that we actually did commit to it. What we enjoyed most about the course I guess was, it's quite a tough one because there's a lot of value there. But I'd certainly say the Google Shopping modules and conversion optimization year on year this year to last year, from March from when we bought the course, we actually at a 147% in growth, so which is fantastic. Simon is a naturally gifted teacher, who really understands his students, understands the topic, easily conveys what he wants to be understood. What I like most about Simon's teaching was his ease of ability to convey complex topics in layman's terms, and to just actually present them in a very, very logical, and understandable way. What I would say to anybody thinking about buying the course is don't delay. Just do it. This is not a get quick, rich scheme. It really isn't. It's a solid business formula. It takes time. It takes effort, the sooner you start, the sooner you will benefit. I just encourage you to do it, especially if you want to go into the UK markets. Drop Ship Formula is certainly the prescribed cause for that and I’m so grateful we did.

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