Chris's 2020 Review of Drop Ship Formula by Simon Vernon


Hi guys, this is Chris. I'm a member of the Drop Ship formula a part of Simon's course. I've been a member for about two years now. I was at the early stages of when he first started, I was one of the very first students. I can't say the best things about the course, I can't say enough. It's absolutely changed my life, to be honest. At the start, I knew nothing absolutely zero about starting an online business. Nothing about websites, this program the course it kind of leads you. Takes you by the hand, guide you through the process. What you need to do step by step, tells you how to find suppliers, how to get your store, how to build your store. It's really. It tells you got like are their net conversions. It tells you what you built your store and you've got your suppliers, you go in, it tells you how to optimize your store. So that's really important. So, it like a very professional website.

A lot of people nowadays are starting to go online for their first time and buy stuff. And the thing is when they are buying stuff for the first time, they want to have a nice trustworthy site. And that Simon teaches you how to make the site really professional and people don't think twice about making a purchase. So that's really, really, really important. Also, it goes about Google ads and everything like that and retargeting. So, Google AdWords is a course in itself, to be honest, and he goes through that, and he explains it very in its layman terms, very simple, very easy to follow and it's brilliant. These last three month, I've done the best ever. Like I've had, it's been a roller coaster because you know, it's my first business. I'm learning stuff on the fly. This last few months has been great. Three months ago, I hit my biggest target to date, which was 20,000. Last month was 30,000 and so far, this month is adding it looks like it's going to bet that. It's 26 already, we're nearly halfway through the month. So, it's really, it's changed my life very soon I want to be able to quit my job, my day job and do this full time. And that's a dream come true for me because I've never had a business before and anything like that. So, I can’t recommend the course enough. So, thank you, Simon and guys, this course is the real deal. All right, thank you.

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