Daniel's Review of Drop Ship Formula by Simon Vernon


Hi my name's Danny, I enrolled in Drop Ship Formula roughly 6 months ago. Before this, I dabbled a bit with Drop Shipping on eBay but it wasn't a viable model for me during my 9-5 because there was too much to do per product and you only get very little gains for each product. Then I saw Simons course online and I was very interested in the concept of High Ticket Drop Shipping where I could maybe work my 9-5 and have fewer items to deal with and still make a decent profit on it. So I enrolled in the course and gave it ago and straight away I was blown away with the content, there was so much you can learn there. I'd never created a website before, contacted suppliers or even thought about setting up a limited company and I got all that in place, I learnt what to do. Probably the bit that helped me the most was the Facebook community, once you enrol you can join the Facebook group any questions you have you can post in there and everyone's got so much experience and they've gone through the same problems you have that there's always an answer for you. At least everything I've asked so far someone always has something useful to input that can help me and the Facebook group shows exactly what it is, it's a formula. You're running your Drop shipping business and you can see that everyone else is running there's in there and that it's working for so many people, and that for me is what gave me more confidence in the course because if it's working for so many people, that means for myself that I can also replicate it. If I've got one website now and I'm selling products I can sell another niche and create more websites ad just keep growing the business so it's larger and larger. Like I said the content of the course is amazing, it can be applied to so many other areas of business other than just drop shipping, it's really a good formula in general just running an online business. Whether this is going to be something that continues to supplement my 9-5 as I now have a website I've got suppliers on board, had my first sale now I'm going through multiple sales each month. Whether it'll continue to supplement my 9-5 but I can see it becoming a viable option as a full-time job. As you see in the Facebook group there are people who are able to do this full time and that's kind of inspiring for a lot of people as I think this is a lot of peoples goals to be able to this as a full-time job and give up their 9-5. So that's my review of Drop Ship Formula it's a great course, really happy I enrolled and I think everyone should get on board with it.

Drop Ship Formula is the only training programme of its kind that not only shows you exactly how to create and market your high-ticket dropshipping business here in the UK, but how to get it and your niche products in front of buyer ready customers from day one.

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