Duncan's Review of Drop Ship Formula by Simon Vernon


Hi, there my name is Duncan., and I joined the Drop Ship formula course in June 2020. I'm absolutely blown away with everything that the course has given me. I spent five months setting my store up and it took a while because I had a commitment. But I wanted to do it properly as well. And then in November, I launched my store properly with advertising, and it's just going absolutely crazy in terms of sales growth. So, to give you some numbers, last month, which was January, I did 55, too short 55,000 in sales. And I've done well over 115,000 in sales since I launched at the beginning of November. Today, I've done a 4000-pound day and if that 4000 pounds, after my transactional costs and advertising costs, they'll be about 600 pounds profit. The days, it's only five o'clock, 5 pm on Sunday, Sunday seven fed. So, there's perhaps more sales to come. But look if you're thinking about buying Simon's course it is absolutely Super Value.

There is so much in the course, everything you need to build your own business. It's not something that happens overnight in terms of building the store. It took me a while because of my commitments and as I say wanting to do it, right took me five months. Some people do it a lot quicker. But what you've got is everything in the course that you need to make it work and have a business. Have your own very, very potentially life-changing business. I've recently started working on my business full time now. I was self-employed before in a job that I didn't enjoy. So, I’ve ditched that now. I’ve been looking to do it for a couple of years. So really happy. Excited about the future. I'm planning on bringing someone in to help me with order management soon and I've got other development areas for my store in terms of exploiting other Google channels that I'm not doing yet. I'm only using Google Shopping at the moment. So, look, just get in there. It's as I say, super value and I hope to see you in the community sometime soon. Take care.

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