How Much More Money Do I Need Once I've Purchased The Course?

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How Much More Money Do I Need Once I've Purchased Drop Ship Formula

Here at Drop Ship Formula, there are no hidden costs. We are very upfront with the fact there are a handful of start-up costs on top of your initial payment for the course. We are happy to explain in further detail with you what these start-up costs are and why. I suppose that’s the reason you’re reading this, right? 

So, as you may have seen already, we have three packages available:

Foundation - £795
Main Training program

Premium - £1295
Main Training Program
Niche Validation
Mastermind Calls
10 x 30min 1-1 coaching calls

Ultimate - £2495
Main Training Program
Niche Validation
Mastermind Calls
10 x 30 min 1-1 coaching calls
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You need to bear in mind when purchasing either the Premium or Ultimate course you are saving money by paying more upfront. You have coaching calls included in your package as well as Niche Validation (both extremely beneficial). Although the Foundation package does offer all the basics you will need to carry you through, but coaching calls & niche validation are not included in this package. Of course, you can purchase the coaching calls separately, although it would cost slightly more to do so.

In addition to purchasing the program, there would be some start-up costs. All of which you need to make your business as successful as possible. Website hosting is $29 (£20.52) a month plus a data feed app to send your product data to Google which is about $5 (£3.54) a month. A domain name which is about £20 for the year and an email which is about £5 a month.

You will have to pay upfront for the product purchase as you may have to wait up to 3 business days for funds to clear depending on how your customer pays for their order. So, in order to reduce any delay, it would be a good idea to have available funds of your own to cover the cost of the product purchase from your supplier, this could be anything in the range of £300 - £600.

Failing that you could delay the dispatch of the order until funds have cleared in your account from the customer's purchase, which starting out until you build some business capital isn't going to be a big problem.

For the amount of return, you’ll get these start-up costs really aren’t anything to worry about. They are definitely a necessity when starting up your eCommerce business if you want it to be as professional as possible and for it to be a successful business. 

Drop Ship Formula is the only training program of its kind that not only shows you exactly how to create and market your high-ticket dropshipping business here in the UK, but how to get it and your niche products in front of buyer ready customers from day one.

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