John-Paul's Review Of Drop Ship Formula


Good evening everybody, good evening

Simon I apologise that I don’t look my best, don’t exactly look professional or anything like that but truth be told I’ve just got back from football. I’m sweaty I don’t smell very good and it’s quite late at night, and I’m having a cheeky little beer. I wanted to get this out the way and do what I’ve wanted to do for a while is do abit of a review on Drop Ship Formula course. I don’t really know where to start so I guess I’ll start from the beginning. I’m a courier by trade, I’ve been a multi-drop courier now for one of the biggest companies in the UK for going on 4 years. There was a little bit of synchronicity going on when I first discovered the Drop Ship Formula course cos, I was reading a book, I think it was called, I can’t remember what it was called. It has been a year ago I have slept a few times since then. I actually did just have a think about restarting this video then but I’m not going to bother it happens to the best of us, forgetting things. But in that book, it was basically about ditching a 9-5 and drop shipping was mentioned in there, and no joke literally we went on a trip to London where I bought the course sorry where I bought the book and I was reading it quite a lot over the weekend reading it back on the train, heard about this or read about this drop shipping. Then the next night Simons advertisement popped up all about dropshipping. I looked at my other half and I was like that’s weird, never heard of drop shipping before until I bought this book and now, I’ve got this advertisement from Simon come up. I really liked it you know I liked the idea of it.

So, I bit the bullet, and I went for it, even though it's completely out of my comfort zone. I know nothing really when it comes to technology, I’m absolutely useless, I’ve had a PlayStation since I was 13 years old, I’m 35 now. We’re going into the ps5’s which I haven’t got yet, I’ve still got a ps4 and I still don’t get the best out of that I’m not tech-savvy whatsoever I’m useless absolutely useless. But I bought this course and what ended up happening was, early last year the whole covid thing you know first came about I ended up having a bit of a sniffle and that’s all It was, but I had to have 2 weeks off work, and I’d just bought the course the weekend before and it allowed me to get right stuck into it, 2 weeks solid. Work-wise I haven’t enjoyed many things as much as I did with this, you know I was up in the morning nice and early. Straight on the computer bought me a new laptop needed that, bought myself a new printer and I was up working from the sort of half past 6 in the morning to whatever time.

Went back to work, work got really busy, but I was able to continue on in my spare time and days off and I got to the point where I called suppliers. You know Simon says in the course like you know you’ve got to keep moving forward with it. The problem is with me, truth be told all transparency when things don’t go right, I get easily disheartened and when it came to contacting suppliers got a little bit disheartened cos, I got a couple of rejections. On top of the fact work got really busy with the first lockdown and stuff you know unbelievably busy. I kind of fell away from it, but sort of January this year I sort of kicked myself up the backside a little bit and I got back on it. I was already at the point where I needed to call suppliers anyway, so I got cracking straight on with that and the first supplier that io contacted was happy to work with me, the second one I contacted was happy to work with me. Gave me a lift and I’ve been working on my spare days ever since.

I’ve disappointed myself a little bit because I got through this so quickly cos the course is fantastic. I couldn’t recommend it enough and for someone like I said isn’t tech-savvy. Simon makes it extremely easy to follow, even for somebody like me to be able to pick this up and go through it step by step. You know I wouldn’t of thought a couple of years ago that I’d know what I know now and I’m still learning at the google ads stage at the moment so I’m still trying to get my head wrapped around that but you know I’m getting there. Got my first sale even without google ads so that gives you a lift as well. I’ve got another big supplier which I’m just waiting for the products to come through which I’m really excited about. Absolutely delighted to get this supplier, so the future is looking bright and all I can say is this module absolutely works. You know it’s a case of being patient it’s a case of not trying to rush it, not trying to rush through it, just follow the course step by step by step.

Drop Ship Formula is the only training programme of its kind that not only shows you exactly how to create and market your high-ticket dropshipping business here in the UK, but how to get it and your niche products in front of buyer ready customers from day one.

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