Julien's Review of Drop Ship Formula by Simon Vernon


So, my name is Julien and I recently I think two months ago enrolled in Simon drop shipping courses. And yes, since I launched my first physically stop about three weeks after the course, I think I made about nearly 1800 in the first month, and this month actually shut down the ads because I need actually to scale up and I need to rebuild everything. I did a one on one with him as well. He told me a lot of like good feedbacks where I need to go and I actually even went to now my ads manage to do this month, like another like nearly 1800. So, let's reload that. Yes, so this is what I got and it's pretty cool. So, if you want actually to build a really good, long-lasting drop-shipping business, this course is for you. I was also enrolled in other drop shipping high ticket, drop shipping courses. This one is definitely one of the best. It got like a great community online and like, especially in the Facebook group. So, I highly, highly recommend it and I really actually enjoy being part of this family. So definitely enrol in it. Great course, great groups with like people with a lot like a good mindset. So yes, please subscribe, join us.

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