Phil's Review of Drop Ship Formula by Simon Vernon


Okay, so just a quick review of Simon's Drop Ship Formula course, a really fantastic course. From the moment, I sort of saw it for the first time, it seemed to really address all the things I was looking for particularly looking at the UK market and setting up a store that focuses purely on the UK market. So, if you are in the UK, and you're looking to set up a high-ticket drop-shipping store, then I think Simon's dropship formula course is the best place to start. You know the course is really simple, really structured in the way that it's laid out and, you know, whether you're a beginner or somebody that's had other internet businesses, I don't think it matters. Yes, because the way that Simon lays out the course and explains the information within it is really fantastic. So, I can't sort of speak highly enough of the course. If you're thinking about it, then get in touch with Simon, or just go ahead and jump in. There's a great sort of community inside with the Facebook group as well. So, if you've got any questions along the way, then there are people that answer them and give you support. So yes, five out of five from me, and good luck. Thanks.

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